Quality & Certifications

The high quality and the details care during the design and manufacturing process of our products are what determine the added value of our range. This value is attested obtaining the most important certifications but also due to the continuous research of any possible improvement.

Our products, without exception, follow a rigorous process of verification and testing starting from the raw materials selection. For a quality product is necessary the support of qualified suppliers in order to maintain unchanged the final result. Each product before shipment is verified by our quality dept. and subjected to different kind of controls during the whole production cycle.
LOGISTICS RANGE - Steel and mesh containers
Each steel containers is made with CNC equipment by specialized personnel from high quality steel only. Over 40 years of experience are the best certification in terms of professionalism, competence and continuity. The design and construction principle is based on the development of a product without compromises.
When we talk about solutions for the environmental care, quality assumes an even more important value. Each product is the result of a thorough verification process, the containment basins are tested individually in particular with the application, before painting, of special penetrating liquids, able to detect potential micro holes after the welding process.
Quality, starting from the design
There is an important difference between a quality product and one that may look seems the same. From the design to the production everything is analyzed and tested by our technical staff.
With the support of dedicated software we are in the position to imagine and test our products in advance, assuming the worst condition to which our product will be subjected.
What will be supplied to our customers will be nothing more than the final results of an activity that required preparation, expertise and investments in terms of research, development, time and money.
A full range of spill containment solutions specially designed for the safety storage of drums and IBCs in compliance with the current regulations.
- Carbon-steel solid construction – powder coated – self-supporting removable galvanized grid - high load capacity.
- Certified watertight construction. Collection volume of the sump respect the current standards.
- Wide range of accessories to enhance its functionality.
- Each sump pallets is equipped with warning panels, operating instructions and user manual and identification plate with serial number.
- For specific models, metal plate with references of certification StawaR