Technical description

The DRP100AS55 uses © ASPozone technology, that is an automated procedure for the exact dosage of ozone in the environment to ensure the exact application of set sanitation protocols and allow to certify the treatment performed.

After pressing the start button, the machine analyzes the parameters of the environment, starts the treatment, completes the sanitation cycle and switches off. All process parameters are monitored and recorded, and operational functions can also be managed remotely. Once the natural conversion of ozone into oxygen is complete, a controller indicates when the rooms can be accessed.

The heart of the appliance is made up of an ozone cell © PCCozone. The cell is a long-life (over 15,000 hours) corona-proof tin type, made with 96% pure ceramic dielectric and 316L stainless steel internal electrode, withstands pressures up to 1 bar.

The generator is particularly suitable for any type of environment such as: surgeries, hospital rooms, waiting rooms, hotel rooms, shops, premises dedicated to the processing and storage of food, animal farms, restaurants, bars, canteens, offices, classrooms, kindergartens, printed paper archives, changing rooms, cars, boats etc

CERTIFICATIONS: EC (European Conformity) as medical devices, (EU Regulation 2017/745), ROHS, Made in Italy, mixture produced with oxygen source, Hourly ozone production.

Product features

Main Features
• Ideal for rooms up to 1,000 cubic meters
• High ozone concentration: 32 ppm
• Long life quartz generators 25.000 h
• 5 l / min oxygen concentrator
• Environmental analyzer with RS485
• Minimum maintenance (filter washing)
• Direct exit for bags and containers
• Clear water treatment with © MBIozone
• 3 year guarantee

Ozone Generator Technical Data
• Ozone production:> 10 g/h
• Source: oxygen from concentrator, oxygen from cylinder (optional)
• Required oxygen purity:> 90% - RH <1.0%
• Oxygen flow: 5 liters per minute
• Fan air flow: 100 m3/h
• Ozone concentration from the fan> 22 ppm
• Ozone concentration from the fitting:> 19 g / m3
• Gas pressure from inlet / outlet fittings: 1.0 Bar max
• Ozone concentration selector: low 0.5 ppm - high 1.5 ppm
• Thermal stability: <5 minutes
• Power supply: 230 Vac 50/60 Hz - 50 W max
• Dimensions and weight: l 25 x h 56 x d 56 cm. – 17,5 Kg

Oxygen Concentrator Technical Data
• Oxygen purity:> 93% - RH <1.0%
• Oxygen flow: 5 liters per minute
• Maximum period of use: 24 hours
• Power supply: 230 Vac 50/60 Hz - 250 W max
• Dimensions and weight: l 32 x h 52 x p 19 cm. - 13.0 Kg.
• Protections: thermal - 230 Vac mains black-out - low oxygen concentration <80%

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