Technical description

MRA100 is an ozone generator for environments, very effective for the prevention of microbiological contamination and chemical decontamination. In a short time it removes any odor, decontaminates all surfaces including furniture, penetrates fabrics, ventilation channels and in all those points that are difficult to reach by other products.

MRA100 uses air treated by a particular filtering system (AMCSozone©) and particular tubes with corona discharge for the production of a gaseous mixture, of high quality, which allows to reach a high efficiency in the treatment of the environment, without producing residues harmful to people and animals.

A practical machine, with low maintenance cost, which allows to reduce enormously the expenses of the products used in the normal sanitization, does not require any installation and its operation is simple and quick.

Product features

Main Features
• Ideal for decontaminating and deodorizing small rooms, up to 120 cubic meters.
• It reduces the levels of allergens present in the air
• Very low production of nitrogen compounds
• Air filtration system AMCSozone©
• "Long life" quartz generators
• Rechargeable air filter
• Duration 150 working hours

Technical Data
• Ozone production: 1 g/h with ambient air
• Ozone concentration: 10 ppm
• Air / ozone flow: 75 m3/h
• Timer: adjustable from 1 to 50 minutes
• Generator voltage and frequency: 6.5KV / 16 Khz
• Power supply: 220 Vac 50/60 Hz - 30 W
• Dimensions: l 12 x h 46 x p 38 cm
• Weight: 6,8 Kg

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