UNIVERSAL POLYPROPYLENE INDUSTRIAL ABSORBENTS professional maintenance roll - absorbency: 120 litres per roll MOD. RU5040M
Technical description

- Suitable for heavy industry sectors
- Perforated to facilitate variable requirements
- High loft to increase absorbency


- Outstanding quality Maintenance (general purpose) absorbent roll from the Sall range.
- Maximum strength due to low linting coverstock applied to one side, minimises ripping, tearing and fraying
- Dimpled to ensure product stability even when saturated
- Designed to absorb and retain all industrial liquids, oil, coolant, and solvent based spills.
- Superb absorbent capacity
- 100% top grade polypropylene construction.
- Perforated for economy of use
- Black coverstock hides absorbed fluids, keeping your work environment looking neater.
- Fast absorbing, even on heavy fluids.
- Designed for use in heavy engineering environment, where strength is paramount


Quantity: 1
Dimensions: 50cm x 40m
Absorbency: 120 litres per roll



Product features
Product code RU5040M
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