Technical description

Sump pallet structure made in carbon steel according to UNI 10025 -  Ribbed supporting feet.
Storage floor: removable hot galvanized carbon steel grid, banded allround by flat bar - Galvanized plate for an heavy load resistance.
Welding procedure specification construction in accordance with UNI EN 15609-1 Inspection and final test performed according to UNI EN 473 non-destructive testing by qualified operator.   Product equipped by:   * Registration booklet and test certificate
* Technical data and identification plate
* Safety and warning labeling   On request also available:   * design and manufacturing of special products
* hot galvanized finishing (sump)
° special colours according to RAL range (sump)   Storage of hazardous substances with spill sumps   WHY A SUMP?   The function of a sump is to protect underground water beds from hazardous polluting substances in case of leaks. This secondary containment system is able to prevent and reduce pollution.   The sumps’s minimum volume should be equal to the biggest of the stored container volume and not less than one third (1/3) of the total volume stored. Wherever substance storage is located in an underground water protect area, it is specified that the entire stored volume is to fit inside the sump (100%).   INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS   The regulations concerning the spill capacity may vary in the different countries, please check with your local autority and send us your specific requirements in order to verify the conformity and develop a customized proposal.   COMPATIBILITY AND BUILDING MATERIALS   The materials used to make the sumps shall be compatible with the products stored therein. Steel sumps (Fe360) can be used for storing most chemical substances. For the storage of corrosive substances such as acids/bases shall be used sumps in Polyethylene. If no specific indications are reported in the resistance tables, sump material can be the same as that of the container used for storing the substances. Sumps are to be installed on flat surfaces in areas protected against rain water. The indications specified on the individual substance safety sheets are to be scrupulously adhered to during substances storage or transfer.  
Product features
Sump: made of carbon steel, bent and welded, strong construction, watertight, for the safety storage of 4 X 200 ltr drum, positioned directly on a removable hot galvanized grid.
Standard finishing: Painted orange RAL 2004 (available on request also in hot galvanized finishing)
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