OUTDOOR STORAGE STEEL DEPOSITS FOR IBCS outdoor storage deposits for ibcs MOD. ECO 731 - ECO 731 IT
Technical description

In the case of the Eco 731 IT model, all the covering above the collection tank, the top and the door are made of galvanised panels with 50 mm thick mineral wool sheets in between. This solution prevents overheating by the sun in summer and condensation in the colder periods of the year. Also available in the version without heat insulation, model ECO 731.
- Safety fastener to keep the door open
- Collection tank capacity – 1000 litres
- Galvanised grid base that can be removed to clean the collection tank
- Door with lock and key
- Optional ventilation grille for storing inflammable material with transit area equivalent to one thirtieth of the layout surface (Circular of the Italian Ministry of Internal Affairs no. 8 dated 17/04/1985)
- Optional anti-acid collection tank covering or tank made entirely of stainless steel for corrosive substances.


- Air intakes for flammable materials (MOD. GV 731)
- Tilted support (MOD. SPC 102Z)

Product features
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